Donal Jolley: Painter Cloning, Drawing and Layer Masking

Donal Jolley: Mixing Cloning, Freehand Drawing, and Layer Masks and Modes

Item 04-Donal Jolley, Thursday March 1, 12:30PM CST

Author and illustrator Donal Jolley uses Painter cloning capabilities with some traditional (and easy) hand-drawing techniques to quickly achieve beautiful effects that can make even modestly talented digital artists’ work truly shine. Using creative layering and masking techniques, An experienced teacher, Jolley takes viewers through an easy-to-follow tutorial on selecting good photographs for rendering, using layer modes and masks to achieve better textures and wash effects, and provides some helpful tips to the less experienced sketch artists. Along the way he describes some of his own drawing and masking methods that make the color and hand-drawn quality of his work richer.

Art has always been an integral part of Donal Jolley’s life. The son of a nationally recognized artist, he grew up to the familiar scent of the traditional art studio and in the company of accomplished contemporary artists. His introduction to the art world was not in a classroom with facts and tutorials, but with the molding of the heart of an artist.

Donal is a self-taught artist. A fourteen-year career in fine commercial printing saw him working with well-known Southern California designers, and he often found himself teaching them how to get from concept to ink on paper when technical issues required advanced trainings and techniques.

When Apple revolutionized the print world, Donal’s life was changed as well. After learning the basics of Photoshop 2 and other design applications, he changed his career path to digital art and design. He was certified to teach digital design and Photoshop at the college level in the state of California, and spent several years teaching Photoshop and Illustrator to students and professionals alike.

Donal is the co-author of “Beyond Digital Photography: Transforming Photos into Fine Art with Photoshop and Painter,” contributed heavily to “The Photoshop WOW CS*” books, including designing and building the covers, and has been featured in other books and magazines on Photoshop and digital art.

Donal is also a cartoonist and spends a lot of time working with children. Donal lives in Johns Creek, Georgia with his wife and son. Watson, his African Grey parrot, is his constant studio companion and Wacom pen destroyer.

Donal Jolley
Atlanta, GA

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