John Stevenson: PostworkShop Pro

John Stevenson: PostworkShop Pro

Item 02-John Stevenson, Wednesday February 22, 12:30PM CST

Item 02-John Stevenson, Monday March 26, 12:30PM CST

  • artistic transformation software,
  • that is easy to use, and
  • produces unique and intriguing images

PostworkShop – an introduction
(a free webinar)

This session will form an overview of the PostworkShop program in its current Pro Edition release. The program itself has a wide variety of features, enabling many different types of artistic endeavors – in this instance we will concentrate on drawing and painting effects.

The webinar itself presentation itself will be divided between: (i) covering some of the primary attributes of PostworkShop, and, (ii) providing insights into proceeding from photographic input to transformed, artistic outputs.

Unique features of PostworkShop which will be highlighted:

• the built-in Style filters, over 400 in total
– for drawing, painting, graphic illustration and photo-filtered effects
• alternative workflow options
– a standalone application, with four complementary editors, plus an Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in
• the multi-role manual painting engine
–as a seamless, freestyle addition to the auto-painting mode, with pressure-sensitivity support for graphics tablets
– also for photo-sampled cloning, or retouching – all with sets of custom brushes and with full control of transparency
– also for the preparation of image masks
• save-as-you-go Projects
– keep a step-by-step record at all stages of your work
• a dedicated browser for stock images
– access the entire Fotolia collection of photographs and illustrations from within PostworkShop

PostworkShop – getting projects done!
(a follow-on paid/subscription webinar, with a 50% software discount)

PostworkShop is unique and easy-to-use software for artistic image transformations. With auto- and manual modes of operation based upon an unparalleled collection of built-in Style filters and brushes. The user can create signature artwork in simple workflow routines, using either the standalone application or an Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in.

The participants In this webinar will be provided all information needed to complete two specific projects. Initially though, the presentation will begin with short reviews of several example outputs, looking at the “before-and-after” aspects of each and covering some of the primary artistic characteristics which PostworkShop has brought to each one individually.

In the first project exercise the concentration will be on using the built-in Style filters in combinations (essentially building up multi-layered transformations, based upon both Drawing and Painting components). A second, and more complex, work effort will then be covered. Here attention will center upon assembling a custom Style from the PostworkShop Building Block filters. Finally, PostworkShop’s manual painting engine (the Bitmap Editor) will be reviewed, focusing on its use in image enhancement(s) either via the production of masks or photo-sampled painting.

John Stevenson has been taking photographs since childhood, first experimenting in the early 1960s with an Agfa Isoly roll film camera (producing square format transparencies in glass mounts). He first produced digitally composed images in 1995, printing his own work on canvas using a Hewlett-Packard DesignJet machine. Some of this pioneering work was exhibited via his participation in the Art League at the Torpedo Factory, in Alexandria, Virginia. A first solo exhibition of all-digital work – A Shifting Light – digital photorenditions – was presented at the Foundry Gallery in Washington D.C. in 1999. Currently he is the Director of Business Development with Xycod Kft., developer of the PostworkShop digital art studio platform,, and also a columnist for Digital Paint Magazine. Some of his most recent exhibited work has featured backlit digital transparencies – a retro homage to that very first camera

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