Michael Campbell: Fantasy Landscape

Michael Campbell: Creating a fantasy landscape painting from reference photos

Item 05-Michael Campbell, Monday March 5, 12:30PM CST

Ansel Adams said dodging and burning in the darkroom were tools he used “to correct mistakes God had made.”
With Photoshop and Painter we can create images God had not even thought of!

In this tutorial I demonstrate the creation of an idyllic scene of the French countryside in the Loire Valley. I was only there briefly and had to take the reference photos that I have used here , under less than perfect lighting and photographic conditions. The image I wanted to create was not so much a record of the reality of the location but instead an almost dream-like image where the colors and composition of the painting stood as a visual metaphor of the peace and tranquility that I felt as my response to Nature while walking along that river bank.

In the tutorial you can work along with me using the same images I took with my point and shoot camera. You may chose to emulate the results I produced, or if you may prefer to place your own interpretation upon the image, thereby making it more of an unique personal expression of your relationship to the Natural world and the peaceful countryside.

After having taken this tutorial I encourage students to go out with a camera and capture their own images and elements of a scene which they can build into their own personal creations and compositions.

Michael Campbell: An exceptional photographer who uses Tamron lenses to capture extraordinary images
by Jason Schneider Editor of Popular Photography

Michael Campbell is a master photographer of the first rank who has worked, studied, and hobnobbed with some of photography’s all-time greats. He is also a fascinating and multi-talented individual with a background and knowledge base so remarkably diverse that his astounding photographic versatility is the inevitable consequence of who he is, namely a 21st century renaissance man.

Born in the UK, Campbell studied physics, math, and chemistry at a top private school, worked at the Kodak Research Lab, earned a Masters in Geology at Leicester University, and, from 1968-1972, was a graduate lecturer in photographic technology at the renowned Kodak Photographic School in Harrow. In 1973, he shot his first portrait, a compelling image of former British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden that Eden used for his best-selling book, A New World.

In 1979 Campbell came to the USA to work with the world-renowned photographic artist and teacher Paul Caponigro on Caponigro’s acclaimed book, The Megaliths, which included iconic images of Stonehenge and other European stone circles, then traveled to California where he stayed with Ansel Adams. As a result of this inspirational visit, Campbell wrote a major article on Adams, and later another piece on the American photographic master, Brett Weston, for the influential British Journal of Photography. What followed were stints as a portrait photographer, university professor of photography, and manager of a major portrait studio. All during this time Campbell was continually creating outstanding and profound images in genres ranging from portraiture, fine art photography, advertising, sports, landscapes, and equestrian photography. My Website.

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