Odwin Rensen: The secrets of digital portrait painting

Odwin Rensen: The secrets of digital portrait painting

Item 09-Odwin Rensen, Monday March 19, 12:30PM CST

For this webinar I will be talking and demonstrating about my pre-processing of photo material to use it for painting. So how I start out with the original photo and what I do with it before importing it in Corel Painter. Also I would like this webinar to be a bit more interactive so you can ask me during the webinar to demonstrate certain aspects of the painting, e.g. painting  skin tones or hair, how I find new techniques to use etc.

Also I will show the different techniques I use for different types of skin and hair, how to add detail and depth to a painting. We will be working with Corel Painter as well as Adobe Photoshop. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to find out my secrets on digital portrait painting.

Born in a town nearby Rotterdam, The Netherlands, he discovered at a young age his creative abilities. He started drawing many different things and by doing so he found his love for making portraits. Although he went on a different path in his professional career, his ambition to be an artist never left him.

Throughout the years he found the ideal mix to combine his passion for painting and curiosity for technique in the form of Digital Painting. He started out with photography and photo manipulation by using Adobe Photoshop. After mastering Photoshop he began making so called smudge paintings where a photo is altered to look like a painting by using the smudge tool.

After making smudge paintings for a while he felt that there was something missing. Photoshop did not give him the right tools and freedom to paint the way he would like to, so he stumbled upon Corel Painter, a piece of software specialized in digital painting. This gave him the ability to move away from the smudge technique and started painting in a more traditional way. He still uses photos as a reference, but builds up his paintings in many different layers, adding more and more detail.

His style could be described as classic as he is a great admirer of the old Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. His ultimate goal would be to become a modern time’s Rembrandt.
In recent years he is getting more known for his digital portrait paintings as his work can be found in some Dutch art galleries and fairs. Also has his work been published in several digital media magazines like Advanced Photoshop and Official Corel Painter Magazine.

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