2013 Artists

Thom Rouse
After the Camera –
Before the Print
Marco Bucci
Light and Colour
Heather Michelle Bjoershol
Returning to
the Easel
Barney Davey
Succeeding in 2013
Digital Art Print Market
Darrell Chitty
Be quiet and listen
to your image!
Michael Campbell
Using Photoshop and Painter to
Create Wall Art for Portrait Clients
Mary Mortenson
How to Grow Even Further As an Artist
Lois Stanfield
Painting Horses and Pets
Marilyn Sholin
Basics of Corel Painter 12
and More!
Kathy Anne
Digital Printing
Alternative Surfaces: Fabric
Paul Tumason
Directing an observer’s eye
using Photoshop and Corel Painter
Cecil Williams (FREE)
Painter Showcase
Patrick Smith (FREE)
One Soft

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