Barney Davey: Succeeding in 2013 Digital Art Print Market

Succeeding in 2013 Digital Art Print Market

Item 04-Barney Davey, Tuesday March 5, 8:00PM CST

What Is Holding Your Art Career Back?

If that question resonates with you, don’t feel alone. It is quite common for artists to find themselves with scattered marketing plans that keep their careers untracked.

Just as with your art, only you can make your success. When you learn to focus on what is valuable, then organize and execute around your priorities, you createsuccess. You may be trying to do too much, or you just as likely are doing too little, or at least too little of the most crucial items on your marketing agenda.

Simplify and Succeed

Take this workshop to learn practical techniques to help you:

  • Determine your marketing and career goals.
  • Learn which marketing tools are best for your career.
  • Discover how focusing on fewer events with greater intensity gets the best results.

Local Grassroots Marketing

There are opportunitieseverywhere. Much of it is all around you. If you are not producing results from your warm market, which is people you know and people they know, then you are missing the easiest sales.

I am eager to give you useful tools and techniques you can use to start growing your local market. Do you know how many pieces you will make in your career? How many collectors do you need to be as successful as you want to be? You will learn how to breakdown what you need to do into incremental, achievable steps to get a grip on marketing your career. You build a collector base one at a time, just like a brick wall. By steadily working at your career construction project, you will form a rock solid foundation that will propel your career for years to come.

Combine the Best Marketing Tools to Create Powerful Impactful Results

There are so many ways to promote art, it can be paralyzing to try and sort out what will work best for you. I will help you make the right choices about which tools to use to run your career. No one can do it all. As you begin to synchronize your chosen tools on tightly focused goals, you will create a synergistic effect that generates the greatest possible results for your efforts. There are ways to plot, plan and execute to make this happen. I’meager to share them with you.


Barney Davey has devoted his expertise to advising visual artists on marketing and advertising since 1988. He spent two decades with Decor magazine where he was able to work closely with globally top selling self-representing artists and art print publishers. He used that time and opportunity to observe and understandtheir best marketing practices.

In 2005, he published the first edition of How to Profit from the Art Print Market. It has remained a bestseller on the “Business of Art” and “Prints” lists since then. In 2011, he published the second edition. It continues to rank on lists in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Davey also is the author of two e-books. They are How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints, and TheZen of Selling Art. His newest book, Art Marketing: How to Get Your Work Seen and Sold will be available in late March 2013. It can be pre-ordered at a discount now.

Davey began publishing his Art Print Issues blog in 2005. During that time, he has posted 500+ art business and marketing articles, many with a focus on the evolving art print market. He is also the co-producer and presenter of a monthly art marketing podcast along with Jason Horejs, owner of Scottsdale-based, Xanadu Gallery. He also frequently conducts workshops and webinars on art marketing and the art print market.

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