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Painter Showcase

Item 13-Cecil Williams, Thursday March 14, 8:00PM CST (FREE WEBINAR)

Cecil Williams is a unique creative. In this webinar find out about his inspirational book, Painter Showcase.

FROM FOREWORD IN PAINTER SHOWCASE, by Jeremy Sutton: This fabulous showcase of art and artists comes at a historic juncture in the development of digital painting. With Painter we have tools that could once only have been dreamt of! It is twenty years since the birth of the pre-eminent natural media paint program, Painter. It is just over two decades since the pressure-sensitive Wacom tablet, complete with a light-weight, battery-free wireless stylus, and in combination with an array of powerful painting programs that took advantage of the pressure-sensitivity, transformed the world of the artist and opened up a whole new vista of creative possibilities. Two decades on and digital paint, which was initially met with skepticism by the public at large and the fine art world of collectors, galleries and museums alike, is now an accepted part of the spectrum of fine art media. Earlier this year I walked around David Hockney s Bigger Picture exhibition, entering one hall after another of large digital prints made from his iPad sketches, in one of the most respected and traditional fine art institutions in London: the Royal Academy. Digital has arrived. This showcase is a testament to the powerful, evocative and beautiful imagery that one tool, Painter, can be used for in the hands of a diverse range of artists from all over the world. Over the twenty years I have been using Painter I ve seen it evolve and transform, like a painting itself. That excitement, passion and enthusiasm that I remember so well from the co-creators of Painter, Mark Zimmer and the late Tom Hedges, later joined by John Derry, at Fractal Design, is still present in the new generation of developers and designers on the Painter team at Corel. Painter was never just another program, another piece of software. It was always about the artists and their art. It was the genius of Mark, Tom and John that they decided to provide the artist with access within Painter to the developer tools that control the brush behaviors. They were not just providing a digital painting studio, but a tool-making workshop behind the studio where an artist could customize and hone their tools to suit their own expressive and creative vision, as well as experiment with new looks that they had never even imagined possible. That is part of the beauty of Painter: with the multiple brush technologies and possibilities built up over twenty years of maturity, there is always something to surprise and delight! The art showcased in the following pages demonstrates the joy and passion the contributors to this book feel for Painter, as well as their mastery of this powerful tool. You’ll notice that there is no Painter look. Painter empowers every artist to express themselves uniquely. No two artists use Painter exactly the same. As legendary computer pioneer Doug Englebart expressed the idea of networks (i.e. computers) augmenting human intelligence, one can think of Painter as augmenting human creativity. It provides us with an unparalleled ease, efficiency and richness of visual expression. Congratulations to Cecil for doing such a fabulous job producing this book! As with all his book projects, Cecil does everything first class, with style and quality. Thank you, Cecil, for bringing together this magnificent, inspiring and educational collection of Painter art. Enjoy the book! Cheers, Jeremy Sutton Corel Master Painter — Foreword Inside Book


Cecil Williams is author/artist/photographer/publisher of 4 photo documentaries. Before the release of Painter Showcase, Williams published, Messages From Home, featuring the Batik art of Leo Twiggs; a book that received;The Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist. On the eve of the birth of Painter Showcase over 20 years ago, Cecil Williams purchased one of the first editions from Mark Zimmer in Boston at the MacWorld Expo. Although Williams was an experienced artist using natural media, he was curious about the emerging digital possibilities he could create with his computer and software introductions from Fractal Design. When he noticed a void in art books with large size images featuring the work of Corel painter artists, Williams contacted the Painter community and within two years created PAINTER SHOWCASE.

Check out these reviews that were copied from the Amazon website.

5.0 out of 5 stars MAGNIFICENT AND INSPIRATIONAL January 9, 2013
By Pretty_in_Pink
If you are a artist and need inspirational and fresh ideas, this is the book to get.
It is one of its kind and looks great on my living room coffee table.
The colors and quality is amazing!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Painter Showcase – Inspirational and Amazing!!! January 9, 2013
By Dira
The works in this book are an amazing collection of art/photography! I am inspired more with each turn of the page. Cecil and Heather have done a truly amazing job in putting this together and elevating digital art to the place where it can and should be appreciated for the quality that it is and for the amount of work that goes into this form of art. The tools may be different than traditional media, but the creative expression in digital art is clearly every bit a work of art as traditional media – only without the mess! This book will amaze and inspire you!

5.0 out of 5 stars Painter Showcase the New Pictorialist Movement January 9, 2013
By Cruachan
This gorgeous 11×11 inch hard cover 328 full color page book is a collector’s coffee table book. It shows for the first time in a single publication the range of creative possibilities brought to photographers and visual artists by the tools of digital technology

The ideas and aspirations of artists have not changed, but their new tools have opened the door to a seemingly limitless possibility for self expression and creative endeavor. Many of the artists in this book have already spent a lifetime honing and fine tuning their skills with lighting, composition, processing and printing and all the rigorous requirements for producing fine photography using film. These skills can now fully blossom in the digital age. It has meant of course that they have had to learn the new tecnology of the digital camera, the computer and the software, but as will be readily appreciated when you open this book, they have taken to it like ducks to water. These are not casual weekend snapshooters with iphones and point and shoot cameras, these are dedicated professionals who love their craft and are excited by the new horizons that have opened up in the past few years. Luckily hardware and software and printing technology has appeared at the same time just when it was most needed and although they are constantly being refined and undated, the methods for producing fine archival images on canvas, paper, or even media such as metal sheets are now firmly established.

The majority of people who buy cheap (or even expensive) digital cameras are often content to leave all the decisions to the camera and simply record the realities of their lives. This is certainly a valuable ability for society and its members to document itself and define its modern culture. The internet is awash with images of everything under the sun, and sometimes, though less often, under the moon. The artists in this book are not content to simply point the camera snd record mecanically what lies before the lens. They wish their images to have a lasting value to a wider audience than to the immediate friend or relative of the creator of the image. They are also on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression that has been the motivating force of all great artists throughout history.

in 1894 Robert Demarchy the founder of the Photo-Club de Paris started a group of photographers who broke away from the established photographic institutions such as the Royal Photographic Sociey which they said had a technical and scientific approach with too many rules and regulations dictating the way a photograph should be made. This group, along with The Brotherhood of the Linked Ring in London and the Photo Secessionists in the US, set out to bring a more Pictorial approach to the Art of Photography. a movement they called Pictorialism.

One of this group’s leaders Robert Demarchy wrote “A work of art must be a transcription, not a copy of nature … there is not a particle of art in the most beautiful scene of nature. The art is man’s alone, it is subjective not objective.”

Some of the images in the book closely resemble paintings made in the great tradition of the oil and watercolor media, in which the texture of the brush strokes themselves adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the image and serves to transform the mechanical and plastic look of a straight photograph into something that almost lives and breathes. Two cameras can take produce identical images but no two artists in this book given the same identical photographs to start with would produce identical finished results. The stamp of their individuality as an artist would be clearly and indelibly impressed into the final image.

The artists in this book are carrying on this tradition Pictorialism, they are creating works of art based on images captured with a camera, but that photographic reference is only the beginning not the end of the process, they then take that image to a much more expressive level than can be achieved by a straight recording of reality however beautiful the original scene or subject. They are proving reality is limited but Imagination has no bounds. I would recommend this book to any student of Art and Photography and anyone who loves beautifully crafted books filled with inspiring images. This is not a technical ‘how to’ book but as Ansel Adams said.. “I much prefer inspiration to information !”

We will chat with Cecil about the making of this book. How did it come about, what was the reason he chose to attack such a large undertaking? Find out with this exclusive interview.

Painter Showcase

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