Lois Stanfield: Painting Horses and Pets

A Beginner’s Guide to Painting Horses and Pets

Item 08-Lois Stanfield, Tuesday March 19, 8:00PM CST

Although the focus of this webinar will be on painting horses and pets, the methods are universal and can also be used for people portraits and landscape paintings.

Lois does extensive preparation of an image before painting in Corel Painter. We will spend time on how to choose a winning image from your collection of photographs, how to work with or changethe background to frame the image in the best possible way, and then going over her unique methods for preparing an image to paint using Photoshop and Topaz filters.

Once the image is ready to paint, we will work in Corel Painter and talk about all the different methods of painting in Corel Painter, experimenting, and developing your own style!

We willgo over choices to be made such as:

  1. Clone vs Quick Clone vs simple blending, and the advantages of each.
  2. Which types of brushes to use for different parts of the painting such as short-haired dogs vs long-haired dogs, satiny coats on horses, and scenic backgrounds vs studio backgrounds.
  3. Which media (acrylic vs oils,etc) to use.
  4. What size brushes to use for different elements of the painting and how it affects the look,perspective and depth of field.
  5. How and why to adjustthe opacity, resaturation and bleed features of your brushes and what effects they will have on your strokes and desired effects.
  6. The difference between using blending brushes and cloner brushes, adding color with brushes, and when to use each for your desired effect.
  7. Saving and labeling your files.

Finally we will do at least one sample painting to demonstrate how you can take an ordinary photograph and transform it into a work of art using a very simple, easy-to-learn method, step by step from preparation through painting, and then add finishing touches in Photoshop.


Lois Stanfield grew up loving animals. If childhood holds the blueprint for one’s destiny in life, then it was obvious what she would grow up to be. At the young age of 4 while growing up in Bellerose, NY, she was already drawing pictures of horses and dogs on whatever media she could find—paper, sea shells or whatever—and selling them to a kindly neighbor woman down the street for a nickel or a glass of milk with a cookie or two.

After two years of college in New York with a major in Biology, thinking she wanted to be a veterinarian, Lois quit school and headed for Los Angeles, California. She met her first husband, a gifted photographer, while working at Art Center College of Design and began taking evening courses in photography. Together with her husband, Lois moved to San Francisco and went back to school at San Francisco State University, studying Creative Writing, Music, Art and Photography. She supplemented her studies at a local community college with classes in typography and graphic design.

She settled into the profession of graphic design,and started her own business designing and producing books for numerous publishers. Her favorite part of this career was creating photographic art and design for book covers.As a hobby on the side, she photographed horses and landscapes.

Eventually Lois’s love of photography, digital art and animals evolved into a full-time career that overshadowed her graphic design business, and she shifted into her dream career as an Equine and Pet Photographer/Artist. Always looking for artistic ways to work with her photographs, Photoshop became her best friend . . . until she discovered Corel Painter in 2004. This was the artistic tool she had been searching for, and she’s never looked back.

Lois currently lives in Minnesota and is available for commissioned portraits of horses and pets, and also works for her fellow photographers who may not have the time or inclination to paint but wish to offer them to their clients.

She is a Certified Professional Photographer and has won numerous awards for her work. Most recently:

2012 Canon Par Excellence Award, Master Artist division
2012 PPA Gold Artist of the Year Award

In addition, Lois has been published in Chronicle of the Horse, Dressage Today, California Riding, and Dog World magazines, as well as photography and art showcase books such as the recently published, beautiful coffee table book, Painter Showcase.

Lois Stanfield Equine and Pet Portraiture
PO Box 432, Chanhassen MN 55317

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