Marco Bucci: Discovering Light and Colour

Discovering Light and Colour

Item 02-Marco Bucci, Friday March 1, 8:00PM CST

This webinar demonstration and lecture is for painters who wish to create compelling, beautiful digital paintings, either from photo reference, from life, or completely out of their imagination. I will be discussing and applying the basic painting fundamentals that I teach in my classes, such as drawing, value, composition, and color. You will learn how to approach a digital painting, and gain valuable insights on painting convincing light and form.


Marco Bucci has traditional roots in art. On his journey as an artist, he spent years obtaining foundational drawing and painting skills studying from life. Light has always been a driving factor in his desire to capture the world around him, and he has developed a powerful sensibility to the subtleties of light and colour. While learning traditional methods, Marco fell in love with painting digitally. He regards digital painting as a great opportunity to use his traditional experience in addition to skills with digital tools, to create beautiful paintings that have a life of their own.

Marco Bucci has spent countless hours studying the intricacies of light and color, and how to translate them through the medium of painting. He uses this knowledge to create both fine art and illustrative work that are, at their core, true to nature’s palettes and harmonies. In this lecture/demonstration, Marco will explore the most important fundamental aspects of accurately depicting light and color in your work. You will be able to watch live as a painting evolves from blank canvas into a captivating scene with convincing light and color treatment. You will also be able to participate in the live chat and ask Marco questions at any time.

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