Michael Campbell: Using Photoshop and Painter to Create Wall Art for Portrait Clients

Using Photoshop and Painter to Create Wall Art for Portrait Clients

Item 06-Michael Campbell, Friday March 15, 8:00PM CST

A lady commissioned me to create a mixed media painting of her daughter riding her horse. It was to be a surprise wedding present for the daughter. She asked if I could make it look as if it was in an English Country Scene, like those depicted by the painter John Constable. In addition she did not want the daughter to know I had photographed her or anything about it until she received it on the wedding day…

This webinar shows how I achieved this and the steps in the process. The photograph at the show park, the photograph or the fence the foreground grass and the repainting of John Constables most famous painting the Hay Wain painted in 1821 at Flatford Mill on the river Stour in Suffolk. The webinar will also show the steps including Adobe Photoshop and Corel painter. The extraction, creating the background and assembling the elements and finally making the painting.


Michael Campbell is a self-taught artist raised in London with post graduate scientific training who now specializes in creating mixed media art pieces for his clients in San Diego.

He began his career in photography as a research scientist at the Kodak Ltd Research Laboratory in London in 1962 . He became a lecturer for Kodak and for 5 years taught photographic technology to students from all over the world. He moved to Salisbury in 1972 and became a professor in photography. He started a part time portrait business and his first client was Ex Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden. He worked with a neighbor of his Sir Cecil Beaton who has been descried as one of the most significant photographers of the 20th century. He printed hundreds of Beaton’s negatives of Audrey Hepburn wearing the clothes he designed for My Fair Lady as well as the famous portraits of Greta Garbo .

In 1979 Campbell went to the US to write a series of articles for the British Journal of Photograph. He spent two weeks in Santa Fe meeting with Paul Caponigro, Elliot Porter, Laura Gilpin and other great photographers.then travelled to the West Coast and spent four days staying in the home of Ansel Adams in Carmel.

In 1980 Campbell was the studio manager for Phillip Charis in Pasadena where the sales were well over two million dollars. Campbell then moved to San Diego where he bought a portrait photography franchise. He taught as a professor at California State University for four years and then worked in Arizona for the famed Gittings Portrait studio. In in 1988 he gave a lecture to 400 photographers at the Western State Convention and Ernest Brooks saw his work and invited him to put up a one man show at the Brooks Institute. Ernest brooks insisted Campbell enter in the PP of A print competition and his two entries scored 98 and 97 and took first and second place out of 8000 entries, and his images were on the covers of the Professional Photographer magazine along with an article on lighting for creative portraiture. In 1990 Fuji paid him $1500 to give a 45 minute talk in Los Angeles as well as flying him several times to Europe to teach workshops.

Campbell bought Photoshop and Painter at Macworld expo in 1991 and he has been working in digital photography since the early 90 ies. Campbell lives in San Diego where as a single parent he raised his son Alex (20 ) who is now studying to become a cardiac surgeon. Michael was a track coach at the local high school for four years but had started coaching Alex in the high jump in 6th grade and a year ago on leaving Scripps High School and winning the California State Games for the third time, Alex got a track scholarship to UCI and was also offered a scholarship by a dozen other universities including Yale. Michael was the high jump record holder for Great Britain back in the nineteen sixties and seventies and traveling around Europe to compete for his country in international athletics he had opportunities to visit the great art museums of many countries.


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