Darton Drake: The Journey

Darton Drake: The Journey

Item Number 1, Live event Tuesday-February 15

Program description

I would like to show and discuss my thought patterns on how we might go from the power of the raw image to the transformation from it’s cocoon. The journey through the heart and mind using the knowledge of our applications and our art to serve how the image speaks to us of it’s needs. We must learn to listen patiently and have a oneness with the image. We must live in the now, without interruptions to the relationship. When the journey is complete you will hardly remember the details of it, only that it was a beautiful one.


darton e drake


born in Madison Wisconsin lived there until the age of four and moved to Baraboo Wisconsin

Lived in Baraboo Wisconsin until the age of sixty

Presently in Chicago

Associate degree from Madison Area Technical School in Commercial Art

Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Layton School of Art in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Worked for and with Life Magazine photographer Frank Scherschel – 1971 -1972

Owned and operated a photographic portrait studio in Baraboo – 1973 – 2008

Chicago studio 2008 – 2010

Professional Photographers of Wisconsin Achievements

Photographer of The Year – eight times –Portrait

Photographer of The Year – one time Portfolio

Photographer of The Year EI completion – once

Photographer of The Year Northern Lights – once

Numerous traveling loans and court of honor awards

Professional Photographers of America Achievements

Masters Degree

Craftsman Degree

Special award for more than twenty-six national loan prints accepted

National Lecturer for twenty years

Lectured in Canada and Puerto Rico

My enthusiasm for the photographic arts is stronger now than when I started!

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Complete Package All Webinars $297

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