Dwayne Vance: Design and Render Vehicles

Item Number 9, Thursday-March 3

Design and Render Vehicles

Some quick basics to getting set up to use Painter. 10min

1.Set up a quick drawing pallet for yourself.

Some basic Perspective Principles

  1. Creating wheels for your vehicle. How to make your wheels in the correct perspective

Using the major and minor axis principle. 10 min

  1. Using wheels as your proportioning scale. Using a side view to measure out your 3/4 perspective view. 5 min
  2. Draw car using Painter and talk about different design languages. How to use those design languages to create you final design. 15 min
  3. Make textures by using markers, pencils, paint strokes, 5min
  4. Talk about rendering process using Photoshop. Talk about reflections and different surface treatments on vehicles. Man made surface vs natural surfaces. How to use different rendering techniques in Photoshop and Painter. Render vehicle drawing. Using vignette techniques to make eye flow through the design. 25 min
  5. Using textures to add further interest to your vehicles and design. 5 min

Question and answer time. 15min

Dwayne graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BS Degree in TransportationDesign. He began his design career with Troy Lee Designs in Corona, California, as a designer of high-end motocross protective gear. Dwayne then became a Senior Designer for Mattel, Hot Wheels division. While at Hot Wheels he designed and developed several cars and led teams for entire toy lines. He eventually returned to Troy Lee Designs where he continued to design cutting-edge motocross gear including the SE2 helmet and other protective equipment.

Dwayne now has his own company, “Future Elements – High energy art and design-” they do work for companies such as Mattel’s Hot Wheels, Batman and entertainment divisions, Hasbro’s Transformers and Star Wars division, Texaco, Oakley, Warner Bros, Mazda, Chumba racing, Upper Deck, Blackstar Paintball, Arctic Cat snowmobiles, Corel Painter, Jada toys, Fly Racing, Troy Lee Designs, Flying Lizard Racing, EA Games, Activision, DC Comics and a few others.

Dwayne’s designs have been widely published in magazines and books including “How to draw Hot Wheels the Hot Wheels Way” and “35 years of Hot Wheels”, Official Corel Painter magazine, Imagine FX, Car Culture Deluxe, 2d Artist magazine, Digital Painting Techniques and Secrets of Corel Painter Experts.

He self published a book along with 12 other hot rod artist called “The Hot Rod Art Book: Masters of chicken Scratch” and now The Hot Rod Art Book: Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol 2. Dwyane’s art work is featured at the Peterson Automobile Museum in Los Angeles, California. He has a series of  prints and artwork based on Hot Rod and Muscle car art that are created in mixed media’s.

You can find the artwork for sale on www.mastersofchickenscratch.com

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