Jane Conner-ziser: Beyond the Basics

Jane Conner-ziser: Beyond the Basics

Item Number 10: Friday-March 4

I think in my session I’ll spend some time with you going one step beyond the basics in classic portrait painting and show you some of my favorite techniques for painting some of the more challenging things, like hair – I love to paint hair! – and how to construct clothing – and how to add details, jewelry and decorations that were not in the original photograph.

After all, if the painting doesn’t look different than the photograph, no one will want to spend extra money for it! AND, I think I will use the default brush set to make it even easier for you to follow along. For me, the joy of painting is using the photograph as an inspiration for a fantasy and the best part is decorating it after the drudgery, oops – “repetitive task” –  of underpainting is completed. It’s easier than you think!

Jane is a photographer, digital artist, premier educator and independent consultant. With over 25 years of experience, 19 of them in digital imaging and evolving technologies, the techniques Jane developed for facial retouching and enhancement and portrait painting are widely emulated by photographers and digital artists worldwide through her classes and educational products.

She was named as one of Canon’s Explorers of Light in their PrintMaster program, is an Adobe Photoshop Expert, a Corel Painter Master and a Craftsman Photographer of the Professional Photographers of America. In addition, she is past co-chair for the Digital and Advanced Imaging Committee for the Professional Photographers of America. Considered to be one of the most versatile artists in the industry, Jane’s engaging style, impressive knowledge of her field and her easy and entertaining way of presenting challenging material make her one of the most significant educators in the industry today.

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