John Derry: Visual Vocabularies: Interpreting Photography into Painting

John Derry:

Visual Vocabularies: Interpreting Photography into Painting

I like to think of various art forms as each having a unique visual vocabulary. Painting, for example, has a unique visual vocabulary: brush strokes, canvas weave, and oil paint’s color range are attributes unique to a painting. Likewise, photographs have a unique vocabulary. Key  elements of the photograph include sharp focus, depth-of-field, and high detail.

As photography and digital tools have converged, there has been a growing emphasis on modifying a photograph from its original appearance. This is not new to photography; in fact, subjective decisions are applied to an image at the moment of exposure.

The appearance of software such as Painter and Photoshop—coupled with the phenomenal growth of digital photography—offers photographers and artists even more expressive choices with regard to the photograph. A current trend is the interpretation of a photographic source into a traditional painted appearance.  This session describes the implementation of visual vocabularies to expressively interpret your photographs into successful painting.

John Derry is a pioneer of digital painting and one of the original authors of Corel® Painter™. Since 1985, he has leveraged his background in drawing and painting to advance the look and experience of traditional art-making tools on the computer.

John has a master’s degree in painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art, is a practicing artist and photographer, and has two U.S. patents relating to expressive digital mark-making. Adobe in 2010 designated John as a Photoshop Painting Pioneer.

John teaches digital painting workshops internationally and holds a Photographic Craftsman degree from Professional Photographers of America. John is a author specializing in digital painting titles.

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