Marilyn Sholin

Digital Artist Toy Box

For a change, let’s not take things so seriously. This webinar is about freeing your mind from the “rules” and details that often get in the way of allowing your creativity to flow.

I will show how I release my creativity and let my own mind wander over images to create paintings that please me and broaden my scope of subjects, colors and styles. Using a variety of software including Corel Painter 11 I will share my thoughts as I choose brushes and probably make plenty of mistakes also. Without mistakes there is no journey to the finished piece of art. It’s through the mistakes and the exploration of new methods that we find ourselves in that special place where creativity hides.

There is nothing I like more than the Digital Toy Box full of brushes, filters, plugins and variety of colors to explore. Join me in this one hour journey while I try to create “Magic” and have more fun and creativity.

Our journey will also include some specific instruction step by step on techniques to spice up your digital art and will also include my workflow for finishing the files before printing.

Join me in the Digital Toy Box Journey

Corel Painter Master Marilyn Sholin

M.Photog.CR PPA, photographer, artist, author, educator

With over 25 years as a professional photographer, author, artist, and speaker, Marilyn knows how share and teach her techniques in a manner that inspires others to go further with their art and photography than they ever dreamed.

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