Odwin Rensen: Painting Aged Faces

Odwin Rensen: Painting Aged Faces

Item 2-Odwin Rensen, Wednesday-February 16

In this webinar we will have a closer look on how to paint portraits, focusing particularly on  aged faces. Although it is much harder to paint aged faces it gives us more room to experiment as is contains much more structure and texture than young faces do.

I will demonstrate the use of several brushes and techniques to paint faces as well as my technique of creating a classical background and how to compose accordingly with the subject like the choice of colors, shadows and highlights and masking. Next to showing you my technique and the way I build up my paintings I will speak out my thoughts during the process of painting as these will reveal the choices I make while I paint.

Sometimes making mistakes turns out to create the best solution for a particular problem or to discover new things. So don’t miss out on this great tutorial and join me on this webinar.

Odwin Rensen

Born almost 39 years ago in a town nearby Rotterdam, The Netherlands, he discovered at a young age his creative abilities. He started drawing many different things and by doing that he found his love for making portraits. Although he went on a different path in his professional career as an IT specialist, his ambition to be an artist never left him.

Through the years he found the ideal mix to combine his passion for painting and curiosity for technique in the form of Digital Painting. And in recent years he is getting more known his digital portrait paintings as his work can be found in some Dutch art galleries and fairs as well has his work been published in several digital media magazine like Advanced Photoshop and Official Corel Painter Magazine.

His style could be described as classic as he is a great admirer of the old Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. His ultimate goal would be to be a modern time’s Rembrandt.

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